Trivial Matters #12

A few more acting milestones:

  • On two occasions in Academy history, three of the four recipients of acting awards were previous winners (never has it been all four):
    • At the 11th Academy Awards for 1938:
      • Spencer Tracy – Best Actor, Boys Town (previous: Best Actor, Captains Courageous, 10th Academy Awards)
      • Bette Davis – Best Actress, Jezebel (previous: Best Actress, Dangerous, 8th Academy Awards)
      • Walter Brennan – Best Supporting Actor, Kentucky (previous: Best Supporting Actor, Come and Get It, 9th Academy Awards)
    • At the 67th Academy Awards for 1994:
      • Tom Hanks – Best Actor, Forrest Gump (previous: Best Actor, Philadelphia, 66th Academy Awards)
      • Jessica Lange – Best Actress, Blue Sky (previous: Best Supporting Actress, Tootsie, 55th Academy Awards)
      • Dianne Wiest – Best Supporting Actress, Bullets Over Broadway (previous: Best Supporting Actress, Hannah and her Sisters, 59th Academy Awards)
  • Two actors have won acting Oscars for performances they directed themselves: Laurence Oliver (Hamlet, 1948) and Roberto Benigni (Life is Beautiful, 1998). So far, no one has won Oscars for both acting and directing.
  • Two films have won two acting Oscars without a nomination for Best Picture:
    • The Miracle Worker (1962): Best Actress, Anne Bancroft; Best Supporting Actress, Patty Duke
    • Hud (1963): Best Actress, Patricia Neal; Best Supporting Actor, Melvyn Douglas
  • And finally, four films have received four acting nominations and not been nominated for Best Picture (and perhaps unsurprisingly, won none):
    • My Man Godfrey (1936)
      • Best Actor: William Powell
      • Best Actress: Carole Lombard
      • Best Supporting Actor: Mischa Auer
      • Best Supporting Actress: Alice Brady
    • I Remember Mama (1948)
      • Best Actress: Irene Dunne
      • Best Supporting Actor: Oskar Homolka
      • Best Supporting Actress: Barbara Bel Geddes & Ellen Corby
    • Othello (1965)
      • Best Actor: Laurence Olivier
      • Best Supporting Actor: Frank Finlay
      • Best Supporting Actress: Joyce Redman & Maggie Smith
    • Doubt (2008)
      • Best Actress: Meryl Streep
      • Best Supporting Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman
      • Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams & Viola Davis

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