Trivial Matters #14

And the nominees for the 11th Academy Awards continue to inspire trivial entries! (The films themselves are not at all bad, either…but we’ll get to that.)

This time it’s Jezebel, starring Henry Fonda and Bette Davis, which leads me to films which won both acting Oscars of either gender:

  • Best Actress & Best Supporting Actress (10):
    • Jezebel (1938) – BA: Bette Davis; BSA: Fay Banter
    • Gone with the Wind (1939) – BA: Vivien Leigh; BSA: Hattie McDaniel
    • Mrs. Miniver (1942) – BA: Greer Garson; BSA: Teresa Wright
    • A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) – BA: Vivien Leigh; BSA: Kim Hunter
    • The Miracle Worker (1962) – BA: Anne Bancroft; BSA: Patty Duke
    • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woof? (1966) – BA: Elizabeth Taylor; BSA: Sandy Dennis
    • Network (1976) – BA: Faye Dunaway; BSA: Beatrice Straight
    • Moonstruck (1987) – BA: Cher; BSA: Olympia Dukakis
    • The Piano (1993) – BA: Holly Hunter; BSA: Anna Paquin
    • Shakespeare in Love (1998) – BA: Gwyneth Paltrow; BSA: Judi Dench
  • Best Actor & Best Supporting Actor (5):
    • Going my Way (1944) – BA: Bing Crosby; BSA: Barry Fitzgerald
    • The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) – BA: Fredric March; BSA: Harold Russell
    • Ben-Hur (1959) – BA: Charlton Heston; BSA: Hugh Griffith
    • Mystic River (2003) – BA: Sean Penn; BSA: Tim Robbins
    • Dallas Buyers Club (2013) – BA: Matthew McConaughey; BSA: Jared Leto

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