Trivial Matters #19 – Directing milestones

I haven’t concentrated too much on directors in these entries, so here are a few bits of my favorite directing-related trivia:

  • In the first eleven Academy Awards ceremonies, 7 of the Best Director winners were named Frank:
    • Frank Borzage (1stSeventh Heaven; 5thBad Girl)
    • Frank Lloyd (2ndThe Divine Lady; 6thCavalcade*)
    • Frank Capra (7thIt Happened One Night*; 9thMr. Deeds Goes to Town; 11thYou Can’t Take it With You).
    • No one named Frank has won Best Director since (unless you count Franklin J. Schaffner).
  • William Wyler has the most nominations (12), and has directed the most Best Picture winners (3), the most Academy Award-nominated performances (36), and the most winning performances (14). All are unlikely to be broken:
    • The closest active directors in terms of nominations are Steven Spielberg (7) and Martin Scorsese (8).
    • The only active director who has directed two Best Picture winners is Clint Eastwood (Unforgiven [1992] and Million Dollar Baby [2004]).
    • To date, Martin Scorsese has directed 22 nominated performances; Woody Allen, 18.
    • Woody Allen has directed 7 Academy Award-winning performances; Scorsese and Clint Eastwood have 5 apiece.
  • Three directors have been nominated for Best Director twice in the same year:
    • Clarence Brown (1929/30): Anna Christie and Romance (lost to Lewis Milestone for All Quiet on the Western Front)
    • Michael Curtiz (1938): Four Daughters and Angels with Dirty Faces (lost to Frank Capra for You Can’t Take it With You)
    • Steven Soderbergh (2001): Erin Brockovich and Traffic (won for Traffic)
  • Two directors have twice been nominated for Best Actor and Best Director for the same film:
    • Warren Beatty (Heaven Can Wait [1978], lost both; Reds [1981], won Best Director)
    • Clint Eastwood (Unforgiven [1992], won Best Director; Million Dollar Baby [2004], won Best Director)

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