Trivial Matters #21

This is a favorite Oscar-related acting achievement of mine, which I am remiss for not including in Trivial Matters already: performers who have been nominated twice in the same year!

So far, no performer has been nominated twice in the same category in the same year (three directors have done it, though). Also, no one has ever won both Lead and Supporting in the same year.

There have been eleven so far:

  • Faye Bainter (1938)
    • Best Actress, White Banners (lost to Bette Davis, Jezebel)
    • Best Supporting Actress, Jezebel (won)
  • Teresa Wright (1942)
    • Best Actress, The Pride of the Yankees (lost to Greer Garson, Mrs. Miniver)
    • Best Supporting Actress, Mrs. Miniver (won)
  • Barry Fitzgerald (1944)
    • Best Actor, Going my Way (lost to Bing Crosby, Going my Way)
    • Best Supporting Actor, Going my Way (won)
      • Yes, he was nominated twice for the same role in the same film. An immediate change to the rules prevented this from happening again.
  • Jessica Lange (1982)
    • Best Actress, Frances (lost to Meryl Streep, Sophie’s Choice)
    • Best Supporting Actress, Tootsie (won)
  • Signourney Weaver (1988)
    • Best Actress, Gorillas in the Mist (lost to Jodie Foster, The Accused)
    • Best Supporting Actress, Working Girl (lost to Geena Davis, The Accidental Tourist)
  • Al Pacino (1992)
    • Best Actor, Scent of a Woman (won)
    • Best Supporting Actor, Glengarry Glen Ross (lost to Gene Hackman, Unforgiven)
  • Holly Hunter (1993)
    • Best Actress, The Piano (won)
    • Best Supporting Actress, The Firm (lost to Anna Paquin, The Piano)
  • Emma Thompson (1993)
    • Best Actress, The Remains of the Day (lost to Holly Hunter, The Piano)
    • Best Supporting Actress, In the Name of the Father (lost to Anna Paquin, The Piano)
  • Julianne Moore (2002)
    • Best Actress, Far From Heaven (lost to Nicole Kidman, The Hours)
    • Best Supporting Actress, The Hours (lost to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chicago)
  • Jamie Foxx (2004)
    • Best Actor, Ray (won)
    • Best Supporting Actor, Collateral (lost to Morgan Freeman, Million Dollar Baby)
  • Cate Blanchett (2007)
    • Best Actress, Elizabeth: The Golden Age (lost to Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose)
    • Best Supporting Actress, I’m Not There (lost to Tilda Swinton, Michael Clayton)

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