18th Academy Awards (1945)

The Lost Weekend, Billy Wilder* Anchors Aweigh, George Sidney The Bells of St. Mary's, Leo McCarey Mildred Pierce, Michael Curtiz Spellbound, Alfred Hitchcock   In 1945, peace broke out, and Hollywood began to reintegrate itself into civilian life. For the most part, it was wildly successful: the innovations of the war years would continue to influence …

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An “Oscars and I” clip show

Well, the passage of time continues as steadily as ever, and tonight it has been one year since the first post on Oscars and I. In that year, I have covered trivial matters, posted a list of all the films I've seen, and, not least, watched and reviewed 144 of the 148 films nominated for …

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17th Academy Awards (1944)

Going My Way, Leo McCarey* Double Indemnity, Billy Wilder Gaslight, George Cukor Since You Went Away, John Cromwell Wilson, Henry King Well, after the selection at the 16th Awards the Academy was justly ashamed, and realized that ten nominees was too many. And boy, does it feel weird. After watching 120 of 122 films during the "more …

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