Going to California

All the way back in 2014 when I was covering the 4th Academy Awards, I ran into a problem: one of the nominees, East Lynne, a Frank Lloyd melodrama, was nowhere to be found. It is so scarce, it is only available for viewing at the UCLA film archive in Los Angeles, CA. Since I live …

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Trivial Matters #28 – Most nominations for a non-Best Picture nominee

While I was writing the last trivia entry, I got to Carol's six nominations without one for Best Picture, and I got to wondering which non-BP-nominated films in Academy history have received the most. Here, then, are the 18 films with at least seven nominations but no love in the Best Picture category, with number of wins in brackets: …

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19th Academy Awards (1946) – Part II

(Part I.) It's been ten years since we've seen a Shakespeare adaptation amongst the nominees, the most recent being the critical and commercial failure Romeo and Juliet in 1936. After that age-inappropriate bomb, coupled with the previous year's ridiculous A Midsummer Night's Dream--and say what you will about R&J, at least Norma Shearer and Leslie Howard could …

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