Trivial Matters

These are the posts in which I regale you with bits of Academy Awards trivia! The facts and figures contained here are all rich and interesting tidbits, ranging from the general to the pedantic, from useful to the kind you’d only really need to know if you ever have an Oscars conversation with me.

Here you will find:

Films that won both male/female awards
Films that “split” the male and female awards
Films that won both lead or both supporting awards
People who have won Oscars for acting and something else
Films with three nominations in a single acting category
Performers who have won both lead and supporting Oscars
Years in which none of the acting winners came from Best Picture nominees
Years in which all acting winners were from Best Picture-nominated films
Performers nominated twice in the same year
Films with four acting nominations but not one for Best Picture
The unlucky saga of Peter O’Toole
Random acting milestones (here and here)
Films nominated for Best Actor and nothing else
Films nominated for Best Actress and nothing else

Best Picture
Best Picture remakes
Films nominated for Best Picture and nothing else
Foreign Language nominees for Best Picture
Most nominations for films not nominated for Best Picture

Most wins for Best Director
Exact matches between nominees for Picture and Director
Most nominations without a win
Most nominations, most Best Pictures, and most Oscar-nominated and -winning performances
Films nominated for Best Director and nothing else

Best Picture winners without writing nominations
Who has written the most Best Picture winners/nominees

The 88th Academy Awards – Live Trivia Updates!
The 87th Academy Awards – Live Trivia Updates!
A handy Oscars trivia reference sheet
The first person to win two Oscars, and the first to be nominated in separate categories
Oscar “onlys”
Trivia regarding the 87th nominees
Trivia regarding the 88th nominees
Trivia regarding the 91st nominees
People who have won for producing, directing and writing for the same film
Retired Awards


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